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Easy to Use Features


Messaging Workflows

You have the ability to create virtually any type of text messaging workflow.


Subscriber Segmenting

Filter text messages by sending specific messages to subscriber segments.


Subscriber Analytics

Track subscriber trends and visually display the data with responsive subscriber graphing tools.


Set Automation

Engage subscribers based on their habits and trends.


Influence your customers behavior by sending  reminders to do business with you.


When you NEED to get a message out immediately, there is no more effective way!


Easy to customize campaign templates. Have your SMS alerts system up and going in 30 minutes or less.


We're here to help with marketing strategy, implementation and execution. 

Any Phone

All devices support text messaging, so no matter what device a consumer is using, they can receive your messages.

No App to Download

Text messaging doesn't require a new app to download or new technology as it's already a part of daily life.


Due to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), text message marketing remains a spam-free channel.

High Open Rates

Reports show that greater than 99 percent of all text messages are opened by consumers on their mobile devices.


Reports show that 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of the message being sent.


All carriers support text messaging, so no matter which carrier a consumer is using, they can receive your messages.



Starts at $0.05/message

X  Send Images

X  Send GIFs

X  Send Videos


Starts at $0.10/message

   Send Images

   Send GIFs

   Send Videos