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5 Tactics for Marketing in a Tourist Town

October 3, 2017

Many businesses in tourist towns like, Monterey or Carmel,

CA rely on the influx of seasonal tourist traffic to keep their business afloat throughout the year. Costly marketing and advertising to this type of customer is often wasteful and pointless when most sales come from passing by foot traffic. What many businesses overlook is that there's hidden revenue in the pockets of the local residents and marketing to these customers can produce a great return! The trick is to identify who those locals are and develop a direct communication channel to target these customer types differently than the tourists. 


Loyalty reward systems help to capture a customers information when they visit a business. Because rewards are earned over time, tourist will typically refrain from signing up, locals on the other hand, love to support their local businesses and the ideal of saving money is a win win. 


Example 1: The Wharf Market Place at 290 Figueroa street in Monterey offers the locals a reward after 10 visits and then sends reminder text messages to these customers of it's weekly events.


Example 2: MYO Frozen Yogurt in Monterey and Salinas offer 4 ounces of FREE frozen yogurt after 6 visits and sends out special SMS offers for seniors, vets, teachers and special occasions. 


5 tips for structuring your engagement strategy

  1. Refrain from discounting to tourist who would regularly pay full price by NOT offering an incentive (discount) in exchange for a signup. 

  2. Incorporate a "I'm a local" and "I'm just visiting" option into your signup process. This will allow you to segment your list. 

  3. 1 hour after a visit, send a personalized "thank you" text to each customer and request a review.

  4. Send a special offer to the tourist list 1 day after their first visit. This can help increase additional revenue from each customer before they leave town. 

  5. Schedule text messages to be sent to locals informing them of seasonal specials, last minute alerts and community events.


InfinitVIP provides custom tailored loyalty reward systems and text message marketing services to restaurants, retail boutiques, salons, spas and other businesses across the Monterey county area. Receive a free consultation and digital audit by scheduling a call now at 805-316-1847. 



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