• Geoff Chaney

6.5 Steps to Creating A Rich Customer Experience

1. Know the customer churn rate. Churn (the ratio of customers lost to customers retained) is the silent killer of most small businesses. Without a proper customer management system in place, SMB’s are often unaware of the number of customers who fail to return each month. Whether it a restaurant, retail boutique, paint contractor or automotive repair shop, churn will always be there. Replacing customers is an endless cycle that requires premium advertising dollars to compete against constantly emerging competition.

2. The 80/20 Rule. Once the 80% (infrequent) and 20% (frequent) groups have been identified using a rewards program, target market to them differently by incentivizing the infrequent customers with coupons and discounts and up selling and rewarding the regulars. This strategy minimizes the number of discounts given to customers who would have returned and paid retail price.

3. Embrace an Omni-Channel mindset. All consumer facing content should be designed to work on all devices customers are using to view it. By ensuring the company message (advertising) and branding is visible and optimized for mobile, PC and traditional media the customer experience becomes consistent and message repetition is achieved without over saturation.

4. Take control over online reviews. Negative reviews not only impact a customer’s buying decisions when browsing on Yelp, they also drastically impact local search engine page ranking. 70% of local searches are from a mobile device and the bulk majority of those searches are specifically looking for where to buy a product or service. Low star ratings or limited number of reviews results in fewer new customers through the door. By leveraging text messaging to request reviews from your best (most frequent) customers the total number of reviews online can be drastically increased. Additionally, negative reviews are intercepted and immediately addressed by an owner or manager before they go public which limits the number of low star ratings.

5. Increase social media awareness across all mobile, web and traditional channels by proactively inviting customers to follow and post on Facebook and Instagram.

6. Claim and optimize Yelp and Google business listings. Both of these listings often times already exist and in some cases multiple listings with different information are present online. By fully updating these profiles, search engines increase credibility to the brand and are more likely to promote it.

6.5 Regularly monitor customer reviews, pictures and comments online and respond whenever possible. By acknowledging a customer’s contribution with a simple “thanks for sharing, we look forward to having your back soon! ~{firstname}” a human/emotional connection is achieved thus increasing brand affinity.

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